Immunization Forecast Tool

For an annual forecasting exercise of immunization supplies.


  • Sub-categories Immunization
  • Commodities Vaccines
  • Latest update 2012
  • Version None
  • Developed by UNICEF
  • When to use For an annual forecasting exercise of immunization supplies.
  • Languages English, French
  • Level of use Central
  • Form Excel sheet, 220 KB; Word document, 219 KB
  • Amount of training / TA required Detailed guidelines are available, but a face to face training is recommended if possible.
  • Inputs & outputs Input : programmatic needs of each vaccine, device and cold chain equipment, wastage rate, normal buffer stocks, estimated coverage rate, target, stock-out info, monthly delivery schedules, funding sources and so on. Output : A provisional plan is issued to countries which submitted forecasts.
  • Cost Free
  • Advantages Easy to use and has been used by over 80 countries since 2003
  • Limitations If users delete lines or modify the tool the calculation cannot be done properly because it is a MS Excel based tool.
  • Availability English version: Instructions for Immunization Forecast Tool (2012): Immunization Forecast Tool (2012): Version française: Instructions pour completer la feuille de previsions de vaccination (2012): Outil de prévision d'immunisation (2012):
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  • Submission date 2012-05-15 14:12:22