Guide for Quantifying HIV Tests

When forecasting and quantifying needs for HIV test kits


  • Sub-categories HIV/AIDS
  • Commodities Diagnostics
  • Latest update 2006
  • Version 2
  • Developed by USAID | DELIVER PROJECT
  • When to use When forecasting and quantifying needs for HIV test kits
  • Languages English
  • Level of use Central
  • Form PDF document file, How to Guide and Information source 2,833 KB
  • Amount of training / TA required No training required to utilize manual, but a one week training on forecasting, quantification, and procurement planning can be particularly helpful. For technical assistance, anywhere from 3-5 weeks for 2-3 advisors would be required.
  • Inputs & outputs None
  • Cost Free
  • Advantages Helps program and product managers manually conduct forecasts of HIV test kit requirements. Is helpful when a software application is not appropriate or available for use.
  • Limitations None
  • Availability PDF Only
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  • Downloadable files HIVQuantTestGuide.pdf
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  • Submission date 2010-05-11 02:00:00