When an integrated drug supply management system is required for Medical Stores/ Warehouses.

Inventory Management

  • Sub-categories HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Reproductive health, TB
  • Commodities Diagnostics, Medicines, Reproductive health products, Supplements
  • Latest update 2005
  • Version None
  • Developed by medICT
  • When to use When an integrated drug supply management system is required for Medical Stores/ Warehouses.
  • Languages English
  • Level of use Central, District, Regional
  • Form SQL-based database software
  • Amount of training / TA required Implementation time: 9 - 14 weeks Steps: 1) defining customization requirements (1 week) 2) Customization 4 - 8 weeks; 3) Installation SIGMED (Server, Clients) and migration of historical data: 1 week 4) testing and training of key users: 1 week 5) training of end-users: 2 - 3 weeks Optional: interface with financial/accounting system: 3 - 4 weeks
  • Inputs & outputs Inputs: Commodities: Medicines (Essential Drug List), Vertical Programs, Medical Supplies, Laboratory reagents, Dental Products Suppliers, Customers. Transactions: tenders - purchase orders, receipts, sales, etc. Outputs: Transaction related reports. Stock position (Central and Regional Level) Management Information Reports
  • Cost License cost: € 5,000 per site. Implementation cost approx. € 30,000 - 50,000 After one year: annual maintenance cost: 20% of license costs.
  • Advantages Transparency in all business operations of Medical Stores Reduction of losses (e.g. expired products) Improvement of health care services by higher customer satisfaction Distribution and Sales is based on FEFO principle (batch management and expiry date management are key features of stock management). Can be linked with financial packages like ACCPAC and with FoCaMed (ARV forecasting tool) is also possible. Data exchange between Central and Regional Stores once a day (through FTP, email)
  • Limitations Key factors to successful implementation are: ownership by users and commitment of staff/management to make changes Business Operating procedures should be redefined
  • Availability Available through MedICT
  • Remarks Minimum system requirements: Server: Windows 2000 Server OS, SQL server, 1GB Pentium IV processor, 40GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM, CD-ROM drive Client: Windows XP, Pentium IV processor, 4-6 GB hard drive space, 512 MB RAM, network connection. visual basic front end Report generator: Crystal Reports
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  • Submission date 2010-05-11 16:53:39