Human Resource Capacity Development in Public Health Supply Chain Management Assessment: Diagnostic Dashboard


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  • Sub-categories Human Resource
  • Commodities Diagnostics, Medicines, Mosquito nets, Reproductive health products
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  • Developed by USAID | DELIVER PROJECT
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  • Advantages Built around the publication Human Resource Capacity Development in Public Health Supply Chain Management: Assessment Guide and Tool, the toolkit provides a structured, rating-based methodology designed to collect data needed for a rapid, comprehensive assessment of the capacity of the human resource support system for a country’s supply chain. By strengthening the capacity of public health supply chain personnel, both supply chains and, ultimately, health systems will operate more effectively, thus preventing stockouts and ensuring that clients have improved access to lifesaving health supplies.
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  • Remarks Effective public health supply chains require motivated and skilled staff with competency in various essential logistics functions. In many countries, a lack of trained staff is a frequent cause of supply chain system breakdown and poor performance. In an effort to help public health supply chain managers in developing countries assess and improve the management of their human resources, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and People that Deliver have developed a new toolkit.
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