Scale up of HIV-related prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment for infants and children

UNICEF and WHO initiated a process to develop a programming framework designed to assist national health managers and implementing partners in resource constrained settings with a high HIV burden to scale up HIV prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment for children who are exposed to or who have HIV within the context of broader child survival and HIV programmes. Developing reliable procurement and supply management mechanisms that ensure a consistent supply of medicines and commodities that meet the needs of infants and children is identified as one of the seven key strategies for scaling up national responses. The actions required at the national level to establish procurement and supply systems that can support national programme scale up efforts are outlined in the document.

This framework was developed following an international consultation held in New York in 2006 that included more than 100 participants from the global paediatric HIV and child survival community. The document has been endorsed by 15 major organizations working in the area of paediatric HIV care and treatment.

The publication can be downloaded at: