How to find your tool?
Use the pull down menu on the left side to select the tool characteristics, and then click “VIEW” to see the tools in your selection.

How to compare tools?
To compare tools you can select up to 3 tools by ticking the box on the right side of the tool in the “Compare” column. Then click “Compare” to get the results.

How to use My PSM Tools?
1) To add items to your toolbox, go to All tools, use the tool selection filter or the search engine to find relevant tools and add them by clicking on the ADD icon. You can view your personal PSM Toolbox by clicking on the “My Tools” tab.
2) To remove items from your toolbox go to “My Tools”. Then click on the REMOVE icon in front of the tools.

Export to Excel
Sorry; the current selection of filter-options and/or search query has no results. Please change your selection to try again.
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  • Select at least one more tool to start comparing the data…
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