Catégorie - Politique, Approvisionnement, Assurance Qualité, Sélection, Usage
Nom de l'outil FAO/WHO Guidelines on Data Requirements for Registration of Pesticides
Sous-catégories Paludisme
types de produit Pulvérisation Intra-Domiciliaire, Diagnostiques, Médicaments, Moustiquaires
Date de mise à jour January 2013
Développé par FAO/WHO
Quand l'utiliser These guidelines generally focus on the scientific data and other information that may be required to determine what products can be permitted for use and for what purposes. The data and other information described can be used to register all types of pesticides, including public health pesticides. These guidelines are intended to: (a) describe the scientific data and information that may be needed to allow governments to evaluate pesticides for the purpose of their registration; (b) facilitate the generation of data and submission of applications for pesticide registration in Member States; (c) describe the circumstances and conditions in which different types of requirements are appropriate and guide countries in deciding what data to require; and (d) further harmonize the data requirements for pesticide registration.
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