Catégorie - Distribution, Gestion, Planification & Prévisions budgétaires, Politique, Approvisionnement, Assurance Qualité, Sélection, Usage
Nom de l'outil Guidelines for medicine donations - Revised 2010
Sous-catégories VIH/SIDA, Immunisation, Paludisme, Santé reproductive, Tuberculose
types de produit Médicaments
Date de mise à jour 2011
Version 3rd edition
Développé par WHO
Quand l'utiliser There are many different scenarios for medicine donations – such as emergency aid, longterm aid, or assistance to national health systems or to individual health facilities. Donations may come from pharmaceutical companies (directly or through private voluntary organizations), they may come in the form of aid from governments, or they may be donations aimed directly at single health‐care facilities. The intended beneficiaries of donations of medicines range from individual facilities to entire health systems. Although there are legitimate differences between these scenarios, many basic rules for appropriate donation practice apply to them all. The guidelines aim to describe this common core of good medicine donation practice.
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