Top 20 Tools of 2013

Thanks to the contribution from all tool developers and support from all users, in 2013 there were a total of 356 tools in the PSM Toolbox and it attracted 8,882 visits from more than 183 countries. The tools cover all PSM areas and help PSM professionals to improve their works and systems in countries. The PSM Toolbox Team ranked the top 20 most viewed tools every year. Below is the list of the top 20 in 2013.

1.   Specifications and Quantities for Efficient Procurement of Essential Equipment and Laboratory Commodities for HIV (WHO, 285 views)
2.   List of WHO/UNFPA Pre-qualified male condom manufacturers (WHO, 240 views)
3.   Quantimed (MSH, 230 views)
4.   Logistics Handbook: A Practical Guide for the Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 201 views)
5.   Managing Drug Supply-3: Managing Access to Medicines and Health Technologies (MSH, 196 views)
6.   CHANNEL (UNFPA, 167 views)
7.   ARV Procurement Forecasting Tool (CHAI, 159 views)
8.   Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Management: Outsourcing Public Health Logistics in Developing Countries (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 135 views)
9.   International Drug Price Indicator Guide (MSH, 125 views)
10. IDA Price Indicator (IDA Foundation, 123 views)

11. Specifications and Quantities for Efficient Procurement of Essential Equipment and Laboratory Commodities for HIV (WHO, 123 views)
12. Getting Products to People: The JSI Framework for Integrated Supply Chain Management in Public Health (John Snow, Inc., 119 views)
13. Supply Chain Evolution – Introduction to a Framework for Supply Chain Strengthening of Developing Country Public Health Programs (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 112 views)
14. Quality Assurance Template (UNDP, 103 views)
15. Procurement Performance Indicators Guide (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 95 views)
16. WHO/AMDS website (WHO, 89 views)
17. Computerizing Logistics Management Information Systems: A Program Manager’s Guide (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 86 views)
18. Resources for Managing the HIV & AIDS and Laboratory Supply Chains (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 83 views)
19. The Global Fund Price & Quality Reporting (PQR) (The Global Fund, 81 views)
20. Quantification of Health Commodities; A Guide to Forecasting and Supply Planning for Procurement (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 81 views)