Top 20 Tools in 2011

  1. i+solutions Supply Chain Management Discussion Platform (i+solutions)
  2. Managing Drug Supply. The-Selection, Procurement, Distribution, and Use of Pharmaceuticals (MSH)
  3. WHO/AMDS website (WHO)
  4. List of WHO/UNFPA Pre-qualified male condom manufacturers (UNFPA/FNUAP)
  5. IDA Price Indicator (IDA Foundation)
  6. Resources for a Health Commodity Quantification: A CD Toolkit (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT)
  7. CHAI – ARV Procurement Forecasting Tool (CHAI)
  8. Logistics Management Units: What, Why, and How of the Central Coordination of Supply Chain Management (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT)
  9. Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for Pharmaceutical Products (WHO)
  10. Global Fund -WHO Harmonized Country Pharmaceutical Profile (The Global Fund and WHO)
  11. Good procurement practices for artemisinin-based antimalarial medicines (WHO)
  12. International Drug Price Indicator Guide (MSH)
  13. Resources for Health Logistics System Design: A CD Toolkit (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT)
  15. The Global Fund website / Procurement and Supply Management (The Global Fund)
  16. The Procurement Capacity Toolkit (PATH)
  17. Managing Pharmaceuticals and Commodities for Tuberculosis. A Guide for National Tuberculosis Programs (MSH)
  18. The Global Fund Price & Quality Reporting (PQR) (The Global Fund)
  19. Quantification of Health Commodities; A Guide to Forecasting and Supply Planning for Procurement (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT)
  20. Country Commodity Manager (CCM) (UNFPA/FNUAP)