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PSM Area - Policy
Tool name Shrinking the Malaria Map: A Guide on Malaria Elimination for Policy Makers
Sub-categories Malaria
Commodities Diagnostics, Medicines
Latest update 09 Oct. 2012
Version None
Developed by Malaria Elimination Group
When to use To provide guidance and technical insight for leaders in governments considering or having embarked on malaria elimination.
Languages Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Level of use Central
Form PDF document, 4 MB
Amount of training / ta required No specific skills, except some knowledge of malaria epidemiology and of the impact of malaria interventions.
Inputs & Outputs Output: National strategic plan for eliminating malaria
Cost Free
Advantages Although primarily directed at the programs who have embarked on malaria elimination (either nationally or sub-nationally), this guide will also be useful to countries currently engaged in sustained malaria control with a view on elimination.
Limitations None
Availability English version: http://www.malariaeliminatio...liminationforPolicyMakers.pdf
Chinese version: http://www.malariaeliminatio...ination_for_Policy_Makers.pdf
French version: http://www.malariaeliminatio...ination_for_Policy_Makers.pdf
Portuguese version: http://www.malariaeliminatio...ination_for_Policy_Makers.pdf
Spanish version: http://www.malariaeliminatio...eliminacion-de-la-malaria.pdf
Remarks Hard copies (English only) can be ordered from the Malaria Elimination Group (MEG). Contact: Allison Philips
Submission date 2012-10-10
1:   31-10-2012 NIGERIA
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