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PSM Area - Policy
Tool name Company Management Guide: Implementing an Integrated Malaria Control Program
Sub-categories Malaria
Latest update 2009
Version First edition
Developed by Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa
When to use Management guide to help any company or organization operating in malaria-endemic regions of Africa develop an effective malaria control program. The guide will take management through the process of developing efficient sustainable programming, from determining the project scope and assessing program capacity in infrastructure, support, resource availability, and the like; to defining the project and developing strategies for procurement, training, gap closure, and other issues; to finally developing and implementing the program itself, including effective monitoring and evaluation and strategies for continuous quality improvement.
Languages English
Level of use Central, District, Regional
Form PDF document, 3 MB. Also available on CD-ROM
Amount of training / ta required Basic knowledge of malaria, program planning, logistics
Inputs & Outputs Output: To encourage increased investment in malaria programs, add value, increase effectiveness, and promote sustainable impact to reduce the economic impact of malaria by saving lives and facilitating economic development.
Cost Free
Advantages Can be used by public or private sector managers at any company or organization.
Limitations Requires prior knowledge and experience in planning malaria control initiatives.
Remarks For more information, contact: Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA)
Submission date 2014-04-23
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