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PSM Area - Planning & Budgeting, Policy, Pricing, Procurement, Quality Assurance
Tool name Global Fund -WHO Harmonized Country Pharmaceutical Profile
Sub-categories HIV/AIDS, Immunization, Malaria, Reproductive health, TB
Commodities Diagnostics, Medicines, Mosquito nets, Reproductive health products
Latest update 2010
Version First version
Developed by Global Fund and WHO
When to use This is a tool to assess the situation analysis of the pharmaceutical sector in a holistic approach. It has been developed and tested by Global Fund and WHO and is being used to identify the strengths and areas which need to be supported in the pharmaceutical sector. During the Global Fund proposal development, this tool needs to be filled in complementarity with disease specific country profile tools. Therefore, in order to address the disease specific PSM programmatic issues, it is recommended to use the Pharmaceutical and Health Product Management Country Profile (Part II) and the Procurement Plan.
Languages English, French
Level of use Central
Form PDF
Amount of training / ta required None
Inputs & Outputs A comprehensive analysis of the pharmaceutical sector, showing strengths and weaknesses that call for support. Good tool for the preapration of the PSM plan.
Cost Free
Advantages Unlike the previous PSM plan, these tools address the pharmaceutical issues in a more comprehensive manner.
Limitations If the pharmaceutical information is scattered, it may be time consumming to complete the country profile. But once this has been done, it becomes easier to fill in these tools in subsequent years.
Availability PDF
Download GF-WHO Harmonized Country Pharmaceutical Profile_en.doc
Submission date 2011-07-28
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