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PSM Area - Management, Policy
Tool name Standard Operating Procedures for Laboratory Services in Antiretroviral Therapy Programs
Sub-categories HIV/AIDS
Commodities Diagnostics
Latest update 2005
Version 1st Edition
Developed by MSH
When to use Use as a model for developing SOPs at national, program or facility level.
Languages English
Level of use Central, District, Facility, Regional
Form PDF document file/a hard copy, Information source document, 579 KB
Amount of training / ta required Technical assistance may be needed to assist users to adapt and test SOPs, especially for the laboratory
Inputs & Outputs None
Cost Free
Advantages Covers most tests that would need to be performed to support an ART program
Limitations Must be adapted to local context and tested
Remarks Hard copies can also be ordered.
Submission date 2014-06-16
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