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PSM Area - Management, Policy, Pricing, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Use
Tool name Access to antiretroviral drugs in low- and middle-income countries
Sub-categories HIV/AIDS
Commodities Medicines
Latest update July 2014
Version July 2014
Developed by WHO
When to use This report examines global trends in ARV prices and assess how WHO treatment guidelines have influenced the uptake of different ARV formulations. It describes the current constraints limiting the use of second-line and third-line treatments and paediatric treatment, and it explores how the quality of ARVs can be secured and in-country distribution can be improved.
Languages English
Level of use Central
Form pdf file
Amount of training / ta required n/a
Inputs & Outputs n/a
Cost free
Advantages n/a
Limitations n/a
Contact (HIV/AIDS Department, World Health Organization)
Submission date 2014-07-28
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