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PSM Area - Distribution, Monitoring & Evaluation, Policy, Procurement, Quantification, Storage, Use
Tool name Recommended Indicators to Address In-Country Supply Chain Barriers
Sub-categories HIV/AIDS, Immunization, Malaria, Reproductive health, TB
Commodities Medicines, Reproductive health products, Technologies, Vaccines
Latest update 5/14/14
Developed by JSI
When to use The indicators provided in this tool can be adopted by countries to monitor and further refine the performance of their supply chain systems, particularly with regard to RMNCH commodities.
Languages English
Level of use Central
Form PDF, 659 KB
Amount of training / ta required N/C
Inputs & Outputs N/C
Cost Free
Advantages N/C
Limitations N/C
Availability http://www.lifesavingcommodi...rm-indicators_final-links.pdf
Remarks This document provides key performance indicators for each of the supply chain functions and related cross-cutting areas. Additional indicators are also provided.
Contact Suzy Sacher,
Submission date 2015-01-29
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