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PSM Area - Capacity building, Distribution, Inventory Management, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Planning & Budgeting, Policy, Pricing, Procurement
Tool name WHO Essential Medicines and Health Products Information Portal
Sub-categories HIV/AIDS, Assessments and Research, Immunization, Malaria, Reproductive health, TB
Commodities Diagnostics, Medicines, Reproductive health products, Supplements, Vaccines
Latest update Monthly
Developed by WHO/OMS
When to use The Portal contains medicines and health products related publications from WHO, other UN partners, global NGOs, development agencies and their partners, countries and academics, and is updated monthly.
Languages English, French, Spanish
Level of use Central, District, Facility, Regional
Form Website
Amount of training / ta required n/a
Inputs & Outputs n/a
Cost Free
Advantages A powerful search engine ensures that documents can be identified easily. A facility exists to create sub collections on specific topics that can be exported and duplicated on DVDs or flash drives.
Limitations n/a
Availability English version:
French version:
Spanish version:
Remarks Department of Essential Medicines Pharmaceutical Policies,
World Health Organization
Submission date 2013-10-07
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