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PSM Area - Capacity building, Planning & Budgeting, Policy
Tool name Un Enfoque Participativo: Utilizando el Analisis de Mercado para Mejorar el Acceso a Los Servicios de Planificacion Familiar
Sub-categories Reproductive health
Commodities Reproductive health products
Latest update 2016-11-21 20:11:00
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When to use This guide it is intended for ministries of health (MOHs), nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial-sector companies providing FP services and/or supplies; as well as members of contraceptive security committees and other policymakers and program staff who want to strengthen and sustain FP programs. Because practical material, curriculum, and tools are linked throughout, readers can download these resources and adapt this approach for their individual needs. This guide takes the user through a series of six steps to analyze, understand, and use market data for decisionmaking:
Languages Spanish
Level of use Central
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Cost Free
Advantages This guide provides background and material to help family planning stakeholders in other countries adapt and apply a participatory marekt analysis approach to their own setting. The process takes stakeholders through a series of six steps to analyze, understand, and use market analysis data to inform family planning policy decisions. As a result, family planning manager’s knowledge about the total market—public, nongovernmental, and commercial— has improved. In addition, family planning stakeholders have increased their commitment to improve service provision and develop concrete, coordinated, and sustainable strategies to reduce gaps in access to family planning services and commodities
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Submission date 2016-11-21
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