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PSM Area - Capacity building, Management, Planning & Budgeting, Policy
Tool name Process Guide and Toolkit for Public Health SC Strengthening Through Capacity Development
Sub-categories Assessments and Research, HIV/AIDS, Human Resource, Immunization, Malaria, Noncommunicable diseases (NCD), Reproductive health, TB
Commodities Diagnostics, Medicines, Mosquito nets, Reproductive health products, Technologies, Vaccines
Latest update 2016-01-01 00:00:00
Version Latest version
Developed by UNICEF Supply Division in collaboration with partners funded by UPS Foundation
When to use A framework for public health SC strengthening that takes the user through a step by step approach for developing, implementing and monitoring a comprehensive supply chain strategy and implementation plan. This guidance includes links to numerous resources that support each step, highlighted by country case studies. HR is cross-cutting need in strategic planning and this approach takes a holistic view and considers all factors which are essential to achieve sustainable improvement. This tool can be used in the following scenarios:  Development of a multi-year supply chain strategy and annual work planning.  Inputs and follow-up actions for supply chain assessments.  Suggestions for country improvement plans within public health supply chains.  Stakeholder engagement for supply chain strengthening initiatives.  Implementation of supply chain capacity development interventions using a structured and sustainable approach.  Resource for supply chain trainings, workshops, conferences and SC/logistics technical working groups.  Development and implementation of supply chain strengthening interventions in the context of HSS.
Languages English, French
Level of use Central, District, Facility, Regional
Form http://supplychainsforchildr...-through-capacity-development
Amount of training / ta required Nil
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Cost Free
Advantages  This resource covers supply chain strengthening and capacity development in practice.  It enumerates the different phases for a comprehensive supply chain system strengthening intervention for the public health sector  It takes the user through a step by step approach for developing, implementing and monitoring a supply chain strategy and implementation plan  It provides practical guidance on how to implement each phase of capacity development using a systemic approach based on practical experiences and lesson learned in different contexts.  It includes case studies and links to numerous resources that support each phase.
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Contact Musonda Kasonde, Capacity Development Manager | UNICEF Supply Division |
Submission date 2017-01-25
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