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PSM Area - Capacity building, Policy
Tool name Malaria in Pregnancy Resource Package
Sub-categories Malaria
Latest update 05/01/2010
Version 2nd
Developed by JHPIEGO
When to use The package helps implement programs that will reduce malaria in pregnancy and provide effective treatment for pregnant women with malaria. The package includes, among other elements, training resources, program planning guides, information, education, and communication/behaviour change communication (IEC/BCC) resources, and key article abstracts.
Languages English, French, Portuguese
Level of use Central
Form Website containing various documents
Amount of training / ta required None
Inputs & Outputs The malaria resource package provides guidance for program management and clinical training to prevent and treat malaria in pregnancy; useful to national level programs, donors and NGO’s for planning and implementing MIP programs.
Cost Free
Advantages User manual and workshop material are available.
Limitations None
Availability English website
French website
Portuguese website
Remarks For more info contact Aimee Dickerson (Jhpiego)
Submission date 2013-04-02
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