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PSM Area - Capacity building, Policy
Tool name Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) Toolkit
Sub-categories Malaria
Latest update 2009
Version None
Developed by PATH
When to use This toolkit was developed to help the IRS programme manager understand and plan the details of implementation of an IRS campaign and provides tools for training personnel to conduct digitized enumeration to map the characteristics and locations of houses to be sprayed. The Toolkit contains two sections: Section 1. IRS Implementation Support for Program Managers and Section 2. Enumeration Training Materials.
Languages English
Level of use Central, District, Regional
Form Web page containing several PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.
Amount of training / ta required The training referred to in the toolkit lasts less than one week. General technical knowledge of IRS is highly recommended.
Inputs & Outputs Output: This tool can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IRS programmes.
Cost Free
Advantages Provide guidance, templates and models to support planning and implementation of Indoor Residual Spraying campaigns as well as enumeration of households to be sprayed.
Limitations None
Availability http://www.rollbackmalaria.o...006_2015/tool_irstoolkit.html
Remarks For more information contact: Chris Lungu (PATH)
Submission date 2010-05-11
1:   21-04-2013 Nigeria
Need the tool for capacity building,policy urgently to help guide me in IRS implementation in FCT-Abuja. please contact me through
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