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PSM Area - Capacity building, Distribution, Policy, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Quantification, Selection, Storage
Tool name Good procurement practices for artemisinin-based antimalarial medicines
Sub-categories Malaria
Commodities Medicines
Latest update 2010
Version 1st edition
Developed by WHO
When to use This practical manual guides the selection and procurement of safe and effective artemisinin-based antimalarial medicines meeting international quality standards through a concise 16-steps comprising checklist. It aims to improve the capacities of national and international procurement officers in understanding key quality elements and their essential documentation. The manual covers all aspects of the procurement cycle, putting special emphasize on product specifications and the evaluation of product quality.
Languages English
Level of use Central, District, Regional
Form PDF document 964KB
Amount of training / ta required None
Inputs & Outputs None
Cost Free
Advantages Practical, concise 16 steps procurement checklist. - Based on the latest internationally agreed stringent quality standards. - The manual summarizes information which is generally only readily accessible to specialized procurement agencies. It provides model certificates and quick references to relevant sources.
Limitations The manual does not cover the general aspects of procurement, which are dealt with extensively in other documents.
Remarks A French translation of the document is in process. For more information, contact Silvia Schwarte (WHO/GMP)
Submission date 2011-06-22
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