The Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Management program

The goal of the program is to enhance the knowledge and experience of participants on logistics and supply-chain topics related to a broad range of activities including preparing, responding to, and recovery from natural and man-made disasters as well as ongoing humanitarian crises due to war, famine, infectious diseases, and chronic health problems. Click here for a summary of the May 2014 certificate program  with reviews from past participants or watch the course webinar for further details about the topics covered.

Courses include many interactive components, such as case studies, simulations and games, which help professionals to link the challenges and decision-making tradeoffs they face in everyday practice with the systematic approaches, tools, and techniques presented in the course.

The certificate program consists of 3 courses:

•    Pre-planning Strategy for Health and Humanitarian Organizations MAY 11-12, 2015

•    Tactical Decision Making in Public Health and Humanitarian Response MAY 13-14, 2015

•    Systems Operations in Health and Humanitarian Response MAY 15-16, 2015