Resources for Managing the HIV & AIDS and Laboratory Supply Chains

The HIV & AIDS and Laboratory Team of the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT has updated the resource CD, “Resources for Managing the HIV & AIDS and Laboratory Supply Chains”. This CD features a set of references, tools and guides for supply chain and program managers and advisors involved in designing, implementing and managing in-country supply chains for HIV & AIDS and laboratory commodities. The collection addresses all of the supply chain management activities required to ensure a continuous supply of quality HIV & AIDS and laboratory commodities to programs and uninterrupted product availability for customers.  Although the resources on the CD refer primarily to supply chain management of HIV & AIDS and laboratory commodities, the concepts, tools and best practices can be applied to any category of health commodities. The list of resources and tools address the following supply chain management topics: The list of new or updated documents and tools on the CD as of July 2008 includes:

  • Guide for Standardizing Lab Supplies
  • Lab Equipment Standardization List
  • Software Fact Sheets (Supply Chain Manager, PipeLine, ProQ, Quantimed)
  • PEPFAR New Generation Indicators List: (Proposed Supply Chain Indicators)
  • Guide for Logistics System Design
  • Building Blocks for Inventory Management  (ICS and LMIS)
  • The Lab Handbook
  • Logistics Indicator Assessment Tool (LIAT) for HIV Test Kits
  • Logistics System Indicator Assessment Tool (LIAT) for ARV Drugs
  • Guide for Quantifying ARV Drugs
  • Quantification of HIV Test Kits: A Practical Guide for Estimating HIV Test Kit     Requirements and Costs
  • ARV Drug Fact Sheets
  • HIV Test Kit Fact Sheets

Some of these tools can be found on the PSM Toolbox website. If you would like to receive a CD containing all these tools, please send an e-mail to: