PSM toolbox updates

The PSM Toolbox is constantly being updated with new contents by international technical institutions and professionals. The following tools are modified and/or added to the PSM Toolbox in October 2015:


Quality Assurance of Health Products. Guideline for Project Implementers on UNITAID Requirements for Quality Assurance of HIV, TB and Malaria health products 

This is a guide to inform implementers about quality assurance requirements of HIV, TB and malaria health products purchased using UNITAID grants.


Procurement of Health products. An operational guidelines for UNITAID grantees. 

This is a tool which provides guidance to UNITAID grantees on norms, standards and procedures which need to be applied when using UNITAID grants for procurement


Updated to the list of optimal list of paediatric ARV formulations 

 To be used for selecting optimal paediatric ARV formulations when planning quantification and procurement for paediatric ART


 WHO Guide for the Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process Towards Accreditation in the African Region (with checklist)

 To provide guidance for using the Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA)


 Strengthening public health laboratories in the WHO African Region: A critical need for disease control

  To raise awareness on the need to strengthen public health laboratory services and propose actions for building national laboratory capacity


 Challenges facing the introduction of the WHO surgical safety checklist: A short experience in African countries 

 To harness political commitment and clinical will to address important patient safety issues


 Status of Blood Safety in the WHO African Region 2010 

 Provision of safety blood transfusions


Guide for National Public Health Laboratory Networking to Strengthen Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR)

Disease Surveillance System