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i+academy calendar (April 26th 2018)

You find a schedule of our upcoming online courses on the i+academy calendar. The sessions in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese cover all the essential steps in the supply chain cycle of medicines and health products. Certificates issued after successful completion.

i+academy calendar (May 1st 2017)

We are happy to announce the i+academy calendar, with online courses covering all the essential steps in the supply chain management of medicines and health products, in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Forth Coming PSM trainings (September 21st 2016)

4 courses on supply Chain expected to take place in November: Supply Chain Management, Health Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Capacity Development, Supply Chain Leadership & Management

Online Course on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and GMP Inspections (i+academy) (August 29th 2016)

There is currently a strong momentum for strengthening of the local pharmaceutical sector in developing and emerging markets. Local manufacturers often struggle to compete and even survive not being in line with international quality standards, thus preventing them from passing WHO prequalification, participating in international tenders, and gaining entry into international markets.Regional and national strategies have been developed which promote local pharmaceutical production in line with international standards. These include, for example, the "EAC Regional Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan of Action (RPMPOA)" and "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa". As a result, it is essential for professionals in the manufacturing and health product regulatory circles to understand the principles of good manufacturing practices required for high quality products. The course is based on WHO GMP guidelines.

New GPEI E-Learning Course at (July 27th 2016)

This e-learning course will help build capacity of program managers in handling polio vaccines in supplementary immunization activities (SIA). This dynamic and interactive course builds on the GPEI/UNICEF Guidance note on Cold Chain Logistics & Vaccine Management during polio SIA and allows the learner to ‘learn by doing’ through simulated exercises. On successful completion, the learner is awarded a GPEI certificate. The learner can download all the resources used in the course for future reference. The course is highly recommended to all polio consultants.



Health Commodities Storage Best Practices
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