INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – mSupply version 3.03

Version 3.03 of our mSupply pharmaceutical inventory management software is now available. mSupply remains free for use in single-user mode if your organisation is not-for-profit. They no longer require not-for-profit users to be in a developing country- any not-for-profit, including government institutions, can use the single user version for free. New features include:                * Web based tender module to automate collection of supplier quotes                * Automated supply of items customers have backordered when stock arrives.                * Synchronisation of data from regional warehouses to a central site for management and reporting.                * Lots more: Helpful links:* Home page        * Demo version        * User guide        * Other documentation        mSupply is used in national distribution centres, warehouses, hospitals and pharmacies in over 24 countries.Sustainable Solutions has been developing and supporting mSupply since 1999. Feel free send an email for further information.


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